Tuesday, August 15, 2006

the trip!

Ok, there is lots of pictures here so be warned. Especially because you might catch me in my swimming suit with my pasty white skin.

This is the beautiful sight I got to wake up to every morning.

sigh...i miss it already.

It was so much fun. Playing on the beach, seeing the sights, hanging out with the family, going shopping and eating tasty Mexican whenever possible. I forgot how much I LOVE guacamole.

Alli liked being outside at the beach, but any time I took her near the water she hated it. Even if I was holding her and was in the water to my ankles she would start to cry. So grandma Baldry did some good babysitting while Derek and I went swimming and boogie boarding and Derek even did some not bad surfing.

You can see, oh lets call it, her personality in these pictures.

Thus, my idea of family pictures on the beach just didn't happen.

This little guy Payson, he loved the water. He is pretty dang cute.

There was a fiesta in Santa Barbara one night we all went to. Full of Mexican food, singing and dancing and little shops. The kids loved it.

Here's grandpa Baldry dancing with Ella and Claire.

Even Alli was having fun dancing.

Alli was in love with the bunny at Mindy's house. She wasn't afraid of him at all, and kept reaching out. I had to take her away a couple times because she like him so much she kept pulling his hair.

We went to the zoo in Santa Barbara. Alli loved it. I don't know if she really knew what was going on but she was smiling and laughing the whole time. The landscaping of the zoo was just as great as the animals. There is big open picnic spaces and lots of trees and plants everywhere. It was really pretty.

After a long flight from Los Angeles to Calgary we got to meet up with cousin Lucy. They are only a week apart. This was their first meeting.

I think Lucy's legs are as long as Alli is head to toe. But Lucy is one of the few babies Alli has beat with hair, but not by much as you can see. I feel bad, I think I cursed all my kids to be bald. It all goes back to making fun of a certain bald cousin when she was a baby. Of course that cousin, you know who you are and I know you're reading this, has more hair than I'll ever have.

And if you think Alli looks tired there, imagine 4 hours later when our short 30 minute ride to Edmonton was delayed until midnight. Forget that, imagine me!


Anonymous said...

I'm no longer a lurker (This is my 1st comment). California looked fun and Alli is looking even cuter with more hair. Just a little note to Brookie B. I know you read your b-day card, so pass me your phone number.

Susie said...

Hi glad you had fun in Cali! Love that one pic of you and Alli (the first one) so cool. And can't believe you up and left me again for RAYMOND. I will back you up Alli is a girl with a personality, she surely shows it, almost always cute though. A grumpy girl that isn't mine can still be very cute. Just so you know I'm having a great time at my horse riders camp! yehaw

brooke byam said...

hey linds your pics are all so cute and i can't wait to see all you guys and alli is so much bigger then the last time i saw her. hopefully i will get to see her soon. and to to other brooke i am living in okotoks now and my number is 938 4742 and our cell is 9214742

whitney said...

What a cuttie. Looks like a fun vacation, I'm jealous of the shopping. But at least I get to go to Target in Kalispell. So glad I got to see you and Alli when you were down. Let me know when you take another trip south. Who knows, I might actually be in my house - I said in it, not finished renovating it.

Anonymous said...

I looked this morning to have another check. I like the pictues my favorite is Alli and you in the green at the Zoo. Wonderful family see you soon