Thursday, March 22, 2007

still here!

I guess it's been awhile since I checked in. We've been busy with this and that. And I just keep on gaining the pounds which makes me moves slower and slower. By the end of the day, I'm spent. But by the end of the day, this little baby keeps on kicking, he is BUSY. As of right now, he is breech, so I'm hoping his busyness will turn him the right way.

Alli is busy as ever. Still begging to go play outside everyday, and we can most days lately. She is copying us in every way, and it's fun. She carried the ipod around and listened to it and danced for a good half hour. Oh, and did you notice that my little girl looks somewhat grown up in these pictures? Well, maybe it is the pigtails! I'll have to get a good picture of them one of these days.

Derek had the day off school on Wednesday. So I went to my Dr.'s appointment and Derek took Alli out. I came home and did some cleaning. You forget home much you can get done in an hour without a child interrupting every other minute. Then I went for a walk, and went to my pedicure that Derek set up for me (with my SLIGHT hints of course) even went to the mall for a while. Came home to supper on the table! It was a great day. But I was happy to come home to my family.

Well that's all for now. I'm sooo looking forward to going to Raymond on Monday. Susie and Rhonda and I are gonna have a fun week with my mom. Rhonda is gonna take preggo pictures of me! And we are going to do quilts and stuff.


brooke byam said...

she is totally a little girl now and the cutest at that! she isn't even wearing pink and that i have never seen before!! haha i love the pigtails! where is a pic with this belly you mention but never really show!!!

Lyndsi said...

Hey Lindsay, just remembered that you had a blog so I needed to check it out. Alli is such a cutie!! Braxton loves the ipod too! Hope you're feeling good and that your little boy turns! And ya, I'd like to see this belly you're talking about too!!

Anonymous said...

When I was pg first time I came home to stay with my mom for a week after I finished work. When I returned to my home after the week of being gone Clayne looked at me with utter amazement ---in my abscence he had forgottent what I looked like pregnant!!!! Soo funy those big bellies

susie said...

the pigtails are to die for. she is so a little girl with the personality or attitude somedays.

melissa said...

How nice to have a little mom break! derek's a good guy. Alli looks adorable in her little pigtails, too! Sounds like you have a fun week planned in Raymond with the girls. I hope your little guy turns for you in time, or that could be rough. Oooh, and i'm so excited to see the belly pics!