Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's!

Today is an excuse for love day. There are a few things I love today. And what do ya know, I love this little Alli. She was being so cute this morning. She slept until almost 10am (which is so very cute I love a sleeping baby) and laid in bed talking to herself for almost an hour (I love hearing her) while I made cookies (I love cookies). So I put on a Valentines outfit (even though any outfit could be valentines because everything is pink and I love pink) and we had a good time. She wasn't so sure about the touque at first (I love it because it makes her look like a chub) but she came around. Alli is 4 months old already! She is almost 12 pounds. She giggles with the tickles ( I love her laugh) and kicks like crazy in the tub ( she loves her bath time and so do I ) But my most exciting love for today and every day, of course, is Derek. Not only because he gave me a gift certificate for a FULL body massage, but because he is Derek and I love him! Lately he is much better at getting Alli to sleep than me. (of course I love that) I guess he is making up for the last 5 weeks of his arm in a sling after shoulder surgery in a great way. I also love a clean house, that doesn't mean I have one, any takers?


Anonymous said...

it is hard to choose which I like better the story or the pictures. What a delightful life you live.

Hoping to see you three soon
love mom

whitney said...

I kow I already told you how cute those pictures are, but I have to tell you again. I love the ones with the hat and the chubby cheeks! Thanks for the good times and the cookies today. We'll do my house for the next batch - as soon as we get some more cookie cutters!

Just Rhonda said...

Love the photos!!!!! They are sooooo cute! And what a great entry. (what a gift from Derek too!!!)

Anonymous said...

You are so cute and happy. That girl is so dang cute, when she is smiling. But I'll even take her crying. I love to play with her too, can't wait to babysit. What a cute outfit with the toque what a chunk.