Sunday, April 29, 2012

before april ends!

What the heck happened with blogger eh?  I'm a little lost, but I think I like it.  Guess I should log in a little more often to see what's up.  How great is the uploading photos process now?  Or did this happen forever ago and I'm the last to know and update my system?  Hate that I don't care about computer junk sometimes.  I was noticing I really should update those pictures on the side.  I changed my info since it still said 8 years marriage and 2 kids! 

I've been wanting to blog more lately.  I've been wanting to take more pictures lately, especially of my little growing Sage.  I've been wanting to be more organized lately.
It just doesn't seem to be happening.  I sit to blog and can't think where to start, so I don't.  I take more pics with my phone than anything and it's usually the older kids saying 'take my picture mom' so I do, but Sage can't ask me darn it!  And you better believe I have never loaded my phone pictures to the computer.  Between trying to nap a baby 3 times a day who likes her bed best, soccer coaching, primary and everything in between I forget so much, more than I ever used too.  I straight up missed visiting teaching last week, forgot, even though I made the appointments the day before.  Feel like SUCH a fool coaching soccer.  The later start time makes for a lot of parents watching and I just feel silly sometimes running around with them and then the parents sit and watch.  I decided I think it's weird, not that I expect them not to.  That didn't make sense, but whatever.  Didn't call any subs for primary this week because at 11 at night on Saturday I remembered I needed 2 so Derek ditched young mens to help me.  Told somebody 2 times this week, sure thing I can bring a salad for dinner, 2 times was too low on lettuce or spinach right before it was time to make it and go!  to many green smoothies I guess.

I'm going to try to be better this week.  I already meal planned!  To carry out those meals I need to go shopping so...

But the weather gets so nice and I'm like a little kid and I just want to haul the kids around and play outside till all hours and go for walks and runs and bike rides and go to the park and not make supper or tidy the house.  Being a mom is so much more cleaning and making meals and laundry than I ever want to think about.  I like all the other stuff though!

Well, this is most likely one of my worst blog posts ever.  I think I wrote on this same subject last post, so I guess my life is still the same!  And here is a dump of pics from the past couple months to top it off.  Enjoy!

Someone loves her real food!  Loves it A  LOT!

 Yes this kid has this energy everyday.  he is a riot to live with!

These 2 are also fantastic!

I think she would eat all day if I let her, even though she doesn't quite look it I guess.  But I do have to say that we got her weighed and measured last week and, jot this down everybody, we have a Baldry child in the 40th percentile for height!  It has never happened on record.  My kids have never made it out of the 30th for height or weight.  James and Alli are hanging out in the 20th percentile right now and Sage is there for weight too!

I think all the snow pictures are from March.  No more of that please!

My little musicians.

Ok, I do have a few pics of my little Sage I guess.  She is just the sweetest!  She is sitting and rolling one way and trying (unsuccessfully) to scoot the little stinker.   However she did not get the Baldry family memo that we sleep in.  She has always been the first one up for the last couple months, but lately it is 7am.  Laugh if you will, but my kids NEVER get up that early, it's weird and I don't mind it too much if it is a sunny day, but the rainy days lately, 8 is so much better!


Tisha said...

Must be a third baby thing that changes sleep patterns! My boys would almost never wake up til 9, but then Kezia was born and consistently woke up at 6 to eat. The nots started getting up then, too and now, even though she has switched, I can't get them to!

Stephanie Walburger said...

Awe! I love your munchikins! And Sage is the cutest!!! She's going to be such a big girl when i get home! Keep posting! I need updates.

Jaime said...

Wow, Sage is looking so big! And so adorable of course too. I can't decide which of your kids she looks like. I am loving the warm weather ( or was loving it before this weekend!). Tell me more of these green smoothies!

lynz said...

sage is getting so big! such a cutie :) so jealous that she wakes up at 7am too - that's a good sleep in around here sadly!

Susie said...

I'm like a kid too, i play not work. That pic of alli is really cute, and the one of James is awesome, seriously. I am in the same boat it just trying to keep up most days. I want more baby pics too!

Just Rhonda said...

The best picture is james doing the flip and Alli's face and the snow flying :) HA!

I should email you all the pictures I have of your kids too :) But then you'd have to remember to remind me :)

Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

I just love that everything you think in your brain comes out in your blog. People love that you are real. Doesn't hurt your kids are so darling either!

Christal said...

I love this post seriously I could have written it I feel like I'm always running I've forgotten more things in the last month that I was supposed to do or be at or bring then I probably ever have! AND you look cute couching:) and the difference is that you look like you know what your doing so I wouldn't worry about it one bit! All your pictures are so cute!!