Tuesday, February 14, 2012

10 things on a day of love

1. I made pink pancakes for supper. The kids love breakfast for supper. I tried one heart shape and it didn't work so I was glad I made the batter pink. I love those kids.

2. Almost every Valentine my kids brought home was super cute and/or had a treat on it. Mine was just a box from Wal-Mart. You're welcome every mom that got one less treat from my kid! Except the treat that was Justin Bieber from Alli!

3. Derek and I got each other the same thing for each other. A magazine and a treat, we planned nothing. And we were both happy. Derek also cleaned up the kitchen really good and didn't complain when it it was breakfast for supper. I love him.

(The 3 babies born September, October, November on Talia's blessing day on Sunday. I'm pretty sure it will never get old taking pictures of these 3 cute babies together!)

4. Sage has found her voice. It is loud and cute. She smiles when you look at her and even laughs on her own without having to be tickled and baby talked out of your mind. She is 4 months old today. WHAT?! Love her.

(I don't know if you can tell but her hair is super curly out of the bath. The hair that is left anyway, she's a side sleeper!)

5. I don't think I mentioned that Derek is coaching the jv basketball team with his brother Ryan. I told him no at first because Sage was like a day old... And then for some reason I had a moment of weakness and told him to do it. Love that Derek is doing something he loves.

6. If nothing else came out of it (for me that is, because he better be getting all sorts of life lessons or whatever out they do out of this) at least we got to tag along to Calgary for a tournament on the weekend and go swimming at the hotel and see our cousins! He's had so much going on since the fall really and it all kinda ends in March and April. It will be weird when he can be home at 4:00 most days. I'm sure he'll find something else to do, but I was thinking maybe I'll find something to do and he can hang out at home! I'll love that!

7. We had a mouse incident at our house. Let me start out by saying the last time I saw a mouse was maybe 2 or 3 years ago in the fall. (I may have mentioned this on here before)We were at Indian Battle Park with some family. I saw a mouse run through the grass in front of me (in its own habitat where it is allowed to be and SHOULD be because that is not in my house) and poor little Lindsay freaked out and cried like a baby. Yep, you bet I cried. I was laughing at the same time, but I was crying and could not stop and lost sleep for a while there.
Here is the most recent installment in my life. It's a long story, I'll try and sum it. Alli screamed and in the end I think I put the thought in her head that the flash of a shadow she saw was a mouse. But let me tell you, I did not even see anything and I went directly into to my mental mouse phobia state. My poor kids are scarred, I'm serious, I truly feel bad for what I have done to them. Derek was gone coaching some dang basketball game. To sum it up, when Alli screamed I froze and immediately thought she saw a mouse, it was that kind of a scream TO ME. I freaked Alli out and she was cryingand wouldn't say what she saw. I made my kids gather my things, (good thing we were on our way out the door) had a heart rate of oh 200, couldn't talk or breathe normal, dry heaved a little, cried to my inlaws as they drove to coach some other dang basketball game, went and got traps, found my parents were still in Mexico, went to the fabulous Rhonda's house while Regan set up traps for me, went home 4 hours later and made the kids go in the door first, turned every light on in the house, music and tv too, got Alli to bed and let James stay up with me until Derek got home and haven't slept good since and I finally started making supper again. Derek is such a good sport about this crazy woman that appears when those rodents appear. I feel sorry for him, I know I'm insane, but I honestly cannot help it. I wish I didn't act this way. This was 2 weeks ago and I only think about about 2 or 3 times per hour instead of every waking minute, I'm not joking. SO, in these 2 weeks, there has been no sign of anything lurking in my cupboards, the traps are untouched, and I can finally put my feet on the floor in the middle of the night when I'm feeding Sage, but I won't go in the food storage room, even though Derek has checked it multiple times and nothing, and we were upstairs when the saga occurred. That was really long and I feel like I have about 2 more pages worth of things I could say about all this. I'm sorry, but I'm hoping this is therapy for the crazy woman. I'm not sure I can find anything to love about that.

8. Back to lovely things. I love when my kids play and get along together. Some mornings before school they get so so deep in play that I have to get kind of mad at them to snap out of it and get ready and eat lunch, and then I feel all bad and mean after. I love when they are good and I am nice.

9. I have been blogging for 6 years! I started when Alli was right about the age Sage is right now. Check out my 1st lame post. But I did do a valentines post all those years ago! (Derek got me a massage 6 years ago for Valentines, this year he got one for himself on Valentines...he also happily hung out with us between practise and mutual and that dang massage!)I love that I have been doing this (off and on) for such a long time. Love all my readers and commenters too!

(if you take the time to go read my 1st valentines post you'll get this pic and see that Sage is slightly bigger than Alli at this age! and no her diaper doesn't need to be changed that's just how small the outfit is. I still don't know who this girl looks like)

10. I had a couple little Valentines parties for the kids last week. It was fun and cute. I planned the same things to do for each party, and they turned out so different! Girls spent forever doing a craft and the boys just wanted to wrestle!


Em and Tom said...

I laughed my head off. Man can you tell a story! Seriously crying over here. Miss ya.

Stephanie said...

Your mouse story is so funny, well how you told it. But not a funny incident. I am the exact same about mice, totally irrational and I know it, but I just can't pull it together if I see one. Then for the next long period of time you think you always see one out of the corner of your eye. I am getting the creeps just writing this. Love the picture of the 3 babies. Can't believe ours are 4 months already.

The Byams said...

You are such a good mom! I love that sage is a giant.....or maybe Ali is just tiny either way I love them!

The Byams said...

And I just noticed I spelt alli wrong and had to correct myself so I'm not a bad aunt

Susie said...

Oh this is why we blog, just when I think I want to quit you remind me why, because in 3 Years I'll wonder what I did on v day. Oh and of course the comments. Remember how I wanted to come hang out and babysit back then.... You are crazy and that's all there is to it, your lucky you have Derek.

Susie said...

Oh this is why we blog, just when I think I want to quit you remind me why, because in 3 Years I'll wonder what I did on v day. Oh and of course the comments. Remember how I wanted to come hang out and babysit back then.... You are crazy and that's all there is to it, your lucky you have Derek.

Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

I laughed about your treats comment. I should have been the one not sending a treat. We were buying starbursts at the pharmacy (for valentine's) and a lady said to me "So, is this the kid that can't eat sugar?"
I kind of went "Uh....yeah." "We eat it sometimes..." as I'm buying CANDY. best awkward moment ever.

Christy and Brett Bevans said...

Everybody has something that they are hysterical about. Don't worry. Mine is fire. In our house now we have a wood burning fireplace, so I have had a few moments.

I pray we never get a mouse. Because Brett has told me that if he ever finds a mouse in the house he will pack us up and we have to move.

Brooke said...

We did the breakfast for supper too on V-day. I like it because Gavin actually eats all his supper.

Tisha said...

Love the mouse story!! Not that it happened but that I'm not the only one who reacts that way!!