Monday, October 15, 2007

miss alli

Thank you Jacklyn for the earings!

i'm slightly behind, but i still had to do this post...


Things kinda got screwed up last week with the crash. I was without a car for a few days so I didn't plan anything for Alli's birthday on the actual day, the 11th. But it was ok because we had an AWESOME party for her when we were down at my parents with Lucy who turned 2 on the 5th. With a Barbie cake and all!

I felt bad for like 5 minutes for not doing anything on the day of Alli's birthday, then I realised...SHE'S 2!!! She will never remember. Plus we have been having so much birthday cake the past weeks I'M SPENT!!! Alli is going to wonder where the cake is next week. She is so good at blowing out candles too.

On Thursday, (her birhtday) during my 5 minutes of guilt, Alli was asking for ice cream. I have no idea where this thought came from. She usually only asks for it at Grandma's (because Alli knows where it is and my mom's feeezer is on the bottom of the fridge and she can open it and find it.) or when she is watching sesame street and they say ice cream, which is why i hate sesame street ( the whole cookie thing too) It was 5pm when she got this idea in her head. I had no idea as usual what supper was going to be, and i happened to have ice cream because of the cake lately, so i thought WHY NOT?! So Alli and I ate ice cream right before supper and i'm pretty sure Alli thought it was the best present. Your welcome for the view directly into my beautiful mouth.

Ok, so I cannot believe my little baby is 2! And I can't believe that she is not my baby, I have another! It is a little ridiculous I will say. Now that I have a 2 year old I will tell all things i love about her right now that i can think of this late. ( not the things that drive me crazy, because there are a FEW of those too)

I love:

-the wake up call I get in the morning. "maam...Maam...MAAAAAM"
-when Derek tickles her she's laughing but says Daaaad, like she is so annnoyed and just humoring him.
-she sings! oh goodness she SINGS! sometimes it's songs like twinkle twinkle and jesus wants me for a sunbeam, but mostly is just made up randomness and it's soo funny to me
-her fake laugh. if you've ever heard it, you know what I'm talking about
-and she does her fake laugh EVERY time she hears other people laugh
-EVERYTHING is a phone. a book, a pen, a cup, a toy car...the list goes on. she holds it to her ear, say hi, does the fake laugh, and her favorite phone saying lately...oh great!
-she's always asking where James is, so concerned, and very cute.
-she plugs her ears when James is crying in the car, or says "JAMES SHHHHHH!...Coome On!" ( I have no idea where she gets that from...really)
-she always seems to know where derek is. Dad school. Dad fuball. Dad work.
-the way she runs around the room in excitement saying the name of whoever she thinks (or maybe hopes) it is everytime someone rings our buzzer
-when we go shopping she pulls stuff off the rack and says awwww cuuute, and then looks at the tag.
-she picks out her own clothes...oh wait i'm not saying the things that drive my crazy
-derek wanted to contibute one...that she sleeps throught the night, for the most part. (he's rocking james right now)
-she asks for oats (oatmeal) every morning for breakfast
-she's obsessed with shrek, thunder, diego, spaghetti, baby dolls, trucks, dragons, dinosaurs, coloring with a pen or pencil (no crayons)on any paper that isn't a coloring book, and the word "ok" to name a few.
-the way she grabs my hand and says "Hand" to drag me to wherever she wants
-she likes me to sing songs before bed, and then as soon as i'm done she says Again, again. Really i'm thinking she just wants to stay up later.
-when she kisses me and says i love you, it's the BEST!

Ok, ok my list could go on and on, but i better stop for fear of losing my readers. She cracks me up on a daily basis. Also, she keeps us on our toes. She copys EVRYTHING!!!
I just want to pause this stage (most of the time. come on, she is 2 and has some pretty serious meltdowns daily)

I wanted to dig out a few pictures to put up for us all to reminise, so i have been going through my iphoto for the last half hour looking at Alli pictures. Then I thought, I'm reall the only one who wants to reminise, and if anybody else does, I have been doing this blog for a long time and it is pretty much ALL pictures of Alli. I will say i sure am glad Alli grew hair. I forgot how bald she was for that first year. Looks like James is outta luck in the hair department for a little longer.

It's official. Our car is nonfixable. Now we have to buy a new car, sooooo annoying.


melissa said...

Aw, I think that's a super cute blog entry. You're a good mom. I can't believe Alli is 2 already and I have been watching her grow up via blog for that long. Crazy! It sounds like she's getting super fun. Can't wait to come up and play with you guys!

Just Rhonda said...

Hey i love to read the stuff about Alli! And see pictures too! Great list. You are a great momma. Just so suited to it. And I am super duper sad to hear about your car.... maybe you should do the jump to join the van club. ;)

whitney said...

I love the phone thing. Roman too, especailly calculators - he found the one in my work bag. I actually carry one in my bad now to give him when I talk on my cell. My favorite is how he holds it with his arm and shoulder just like momma! I can't believe you have a 2 year old! I'm sad, it doesn't seem like I know her anymore. Move to Raymond soon!